Dunes Shoot



July 2019

Alright guys… this may be our favorite shoot to date. We made a little trip out to the Pismo Beach Sand Dunes just in time to catch golden hour, courtesy of @ktmariephotos. We had our fave Julia and Rachel frolicking around in a couple of our fave gowns from Moondance Bridal in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Julia is wearing our “Paradise” earring (can you tell we’re obsessed?) and our “Pandora” veil, with the Sarah Joseph Couture “Nina” gown. She later switches into the “Giuletta” gown from @tara_lauren.

Rachel’s first look features the Rue De Seine “Sia” dress, paired perfectly with our “Ellie” earrings. She then switches into our “Geranium” earrings and our “Zahara” vine woven into her braid. , which pair perfectly with the “Vita” gown (also by Rue De Seine). 

SO, we’ve had a few of you asking us who makes the hat Rachel is wearing… and well, we have a confession: Amanda (owner, founder, head designer) actually bought this beauty for a whopping $5 at a *gas station* on a road trip up to Los Alamos. You gotta love those #thriftyfinds right?! 


Something about the hazy hues of the dunes in the background coupled with the perfectly effortless boho vibe of these pieces— this is a shoot we won’t soon forget. 


Earrings: “Paradise”; “Geranium”; “Ellie”

Veil: “Pandora”

Vine: “Zahara”

Gowns: “Sia” and “Vita” by @ruedeseine; “Giuletta” by @tara_lauren; “Nina” by @sarahjosephcouture

Bridal Boutique: @moondancebridal

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