It Started As a Dream 🖤

Once upon a time in my little NYC apartment, Untamed Petals was born at my kitchen table. What started as a labor of love has blossomed into a brand that represents the cool, fun, and modern bride of today who values timeless pieces for both her wedding day and everyday.

15 years and over 100,000 customers later, Untamed Petals is now known for styles that embody the essence of the modern bride: Untamed and Unapologetic. We believe that every bride deserves to feel unique and empowered, which is why we create heirloom pieces that speak to their individuality.

At Untamed Petals, we celebrate the bride who dares to be different, who sets her own rules, and who cherishes pieces that tell her story. Our accessories are not just for the wedding day; they are meant to be loved and cherished for a lifetime. 

"Untamed & Unapologetic. You get to make the rules."