Top 10 Best Sellers

Because every bride 

deserve the best... 


Why she is #1

Rain has dainty gold wiring with opal sprigs. It gives off the perfect amount  of sparkle. The malleable sprigs give you options to bring them up, like a tiara, or wear them more flat, like a vine. 


I mean, hello #2

Bowen is a statement floral comb. She has hand brushed painted leaves that gives off a two-toned look. The opal center and the springs bring it all together for a one-of-a-kind look. 


Yes Please #3 

Stardust is versatile and brings out so many looks. She is available in Gold, Rosegold and Silver. The most popular is fingertip length in gold. She has hand sewn sequins that provide the perfect sparkle. 


Jaw Dropping #4 

Fleur, where to even begin. She is a top seller in Japan and we know why. This tiara is made up entirely of sprigs. This leaves you with many options for styling. Move them up for height or down for a more headband look. You can style in the back of the hair. There is loops at the ends for securing bobby pins. She gives off a simplicity style that everyone loves. 



Fabulous #5

Kennedy is simply, an Untamed Petals classic. We love the combination of the crystals and the pearls on the double strands. Double the beauty! 


Simple, yet bold, #6

We love our Quinn earrings. If you aren't wanting something too dangling, these are still a subtle statement. With just enough glimmer, these earrings are perfect for a bride wanting a little something extra. 


#7 from Heaven

The Alba headpiece will make you feel almost angelic with the handprinted gold leaves and crystals. 


Obsessed with #8

You'll be a real head turner while wearing our Tahoe headpiece. The wow factor of this piece is what makes it one of our best sellers.  A bride deserves to be the center of attention, and the Tahoe will make sure of that. 


#9... Can you be mine?

Sage is a real head turner for any bride on her special day. You could pair with an elegant undo or just simply with your hair down. This headpiece is covered in dazzling sparkles and is guaranteed to take your breath away. 

10. ESME

Best for last- #10

Our Esme sash is ribbed with beautiful crystals providing just enough glitz and glam, but without taking the attention off of your beautiful face. This sash is a real Untamed Petals classic. 

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