Real Wedding: “Paradise” Earrings


We are so excited to share these wedding pictures from our FIRST real bride (Jennifer) to wear our favorite “Paradise” earrings!

This stunning wedding took place in Quebec, was shot by the crazy-talented Emilie Olsen—p.s. all these pictures are hers! This wedding was equally elegant, sophisticated and unique, which is why we think the “Paradise” earrings fit so well.


 Jennifer rocks these earrings from Ceremony to Reception—wearing ‘em both ways. That’s why we love these earrings so much: you can wear them two ways! The pair come with an earring jacket, meaning the dangly hoop part can slide off the back of the post if you want to wear just the stud alone. It’s like getting two earrings in one! The full earring is made of hand-wired freshwater pearls and are amazingly light and comfortable.

 Scroll for more shots from this dreamy night…







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