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Hi! I'm Amanda. In 2009, while searching for a creative outlet, I began making headpieces “just for fun” in my little apartment in NYC. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a booming business (practically overnight) and Untamed Petals was born. Now, almost 9 years later, Untamed Petals is one of the top selling bridal accessory brands specializing in beautiful beaded bridal sashes & intricate hair vines - now sold in over 150 store worldwide including Nordstrom & Anthropologie’s bridal line BHLDN

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What is your favorite thing about working in the bridal fashion industry?

Amanda: I love being able to get creative and design products brides love. An accessory is way more than just a sparkly headpiece. It is an heirloom that can transform a brides look to be an unforgettable moment.

What is your favorite bridal accessory? 

Amanda: Hmm it is so hard to say. Every girl should have a veil that reflects their style. We design veils to all sorts of brides. We have lace, beaded and hand embroidered veils. My current obsession is our Pandora veil. It is stunning, sophisticated and edgy in one.  

What is your biggest dream?

Amanda: For mom bosses everywhere to feel empowered. 

What's the biggest challenge you face as a business owner?

Amanda: Juggling work and life can be difficult now especially as a mom of 2 little boys. But, becoming a mom has changed me and my business in so many amazing ways. I am much more patient and calm which is great and I don't sweat the small stuff! I love taking my boys to work with me from time to time. Bo has been at the office since one week old and I feel so grateful to have had that flexibility. Jax is the best photoshoot assistant I could ask for. And now that my husband Nick has joined the company full time as our CFO the gang is all here. It is so special getting to share this amazing journey with my family every day. 


Favorite Movie: Love all Rom Coms

Favorite Drinks: Almond Milk Latte

Favorite Dessert: Funfetti Cupcakes

Favorite Activity: I love being outdoors, wine tasting on the central coast or cruising a great Farmer's Market. 

Favorite Store: Zara & Chanel

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anything with white sand and clear water! 

Favorite Band: Taylor Swift




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