California Dreamin' with BFB Hair

We had an incredible opportunity to collab with Amber Fillerup's Barefoot Blonde Hair. We instantly knew we wanted a flirty beach shoot with the perfect California girl hair. Holley Elizabeth Photo captured these beauties and they are beyond our expectations. To top it off, The Blushed Company made all our Amber Fillerup tutorials come to life with hair and makeup. We styled some of our favorite earrings and hair vines for a little bit of sparkle. Enjoy. XX

Barefoot Blonde-12.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-47.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-70.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-20.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-43.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-63.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-62.jpg

Barefoot Blonde-78.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-97.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-88.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-84.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-105.jpg

Barefoot Blonde-146.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-155.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-215.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-228.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-211.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-166.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-168.jpg

Barefoot Blonde-186.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-188.jpg
Barefoot Blonde-202.jpg

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